Elevate Seasonal Gift Card Sales with Pop-Up Displays

by admin

With summer quickly approaching, retailers are hoping to capitalize on the trio of spring “gift giving holidays” before the weather heats up.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduations accounted for roughly $41 billion in sales in 2016 and is expected to increase this year.

While flowers & cards are popular for Mother’s Day and cash is the most popular gift for grads, gift cards typically fall in second or third place when it comes to gift giving.


This means that consumers would rather give the gift of choice than a physical gift in the form of apparel, electronics or food.  So what is the best way to ensure that your gift cards will be selected as THE gift card to give?  Make sure it is front and center.

Pop-Up Merchandising

Although gift cards have been popular for a number of years, there are still around 30% of merchants that do not display gift cards in their stores.  This is a missed opportunity to grab a share of the $127 billion spent on gift cards annually.  Marketing your gift cards is a year-round activity, but if you want to see a boost in sales during the gift-giving holidays, you may want to consider temporary, or pop-up, displays that can bring attention to your cards.

Economical, light-weight displays can be branded to specific holidays, include promotional messaging (buy a $50 gift card, get a $10 gift card free) and can help you get the sales boost you need.  These types of displays are easy to assemble, can be constructed with a material that fits your budget, and can be placed in several locations throughout your store(s), serving as a reminder to customers that they always have the option of giving the gift of choice!


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