Card Personalization


CPS Cards is the leader in integrated card personalization.CPS Cards provides clients with a wide range of card personalization services, including inkjet printing (DOD), embossing, thermal printing and encoding.

With more than 25 years of card personalization experience, CPS can handle any “perso” job. Whether it’s a membership card, a loyalty card, a prescription card or an insurance card, we have the technology and proven methodology to complete any personalization task – even unusual ones – on time and on budget.

CPS’ veteran staff offers clients candid counsel throughout the complex card personalization process, ensuring that you receive high-quality work at the best possible value. In addition, our automated QC system catches potential issues before they occur, eliminating time-consuming errors and costly reprints.

CPS Card Personalization Services

Every card personalization job is different. That’s why CPS offers clients an industry-leading array of perso techniques, including inkjet printing (DOD), embossing, thermal printing and encoding. We also provide the personalization of carrier letters that accompany cards.

Inkjet Printing (DOD)

Also known as “drop-on-demand,” inkjet printing has evolved dramatically in the last decade. It can be applied to a wide range of substrates, and results in faster, easier drying than traditional printing methods. High-speed Inkjet printing (DOD) is best for time-sensitive promotional cards, as well as coupon cards, loyalty cards and gift cards.

We are the market leader in white ink printing and both of our facilities offer duplex printing, which reduces turnaround time by printing in a single pass.

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Embossing creates raised characters on a card, which can be “tipped” in a variety of colors. Embossed cards can be felt through an envelope and, because of their higher perceived value, generate interest from consumers and improve lift. Thus, embossing is common for direct mail pieces, as well as membership cards and pharmaceutical cards.


Barcodes, magnetic stripes and QR codes can be imaged onto cards in order to encode variable cardholder data. Barcodes and mag stripes are available in all standard formats and meet ISO/ANSI specifications. Encoding is used for all card types including gift cards, loyalty cards, insurance cards, health care cards, pharmaceutical cards and more.

Thermal Printing

Like the DOD inkjet, thermal printing can be used to apply barcodes, magnetic stripes and scratch-off labels, in addition to regular printing on plastic cards. An effective option for many card types, thermal printing is best used for loyalty cards and membership cards and is a good option for short-run projects.

It also comes with a wide array of color options, including multiple colors per side.

Carrier Letter Personalization

Many times, customers require that a carrier letter accompany their personalized card. Using our camera-verification system, we are able to print personalized carriers and match them to the corresponding cards. These can be printed in simplex and duplex, black and white, or color and assembled in one pass, eliminating the opportunity for errors and improving turnaround times.


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