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CPS Cards makes B2B, B2C and B2S fulfillment easy. We can customize a solution that saves you time and gets your cards where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

CPS Cards offers the expertise to manage card fulfillment programs of all shapes and sizes – from simple to complex, from one card design to many– we’ll help keep your inventory stocked, your program on track and your customers happy. Whether your program includes gift, loyalty, merchandise return cards or all three, we can design a customized solution that will save you time by automating the fulfillment process.

B2B Gift Card Fulfillment

A reliable B2B fulfillment program is a necessity whenever your customers rely on you to provide prompt delivery of gift cards for their incentive, loyalty and promotional programs. At CPS Cards, we offer customized B2B card fulfillment programs that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a simple warehousing and pick, pack and ship solution or a more complex card production and fulfillment program, we can work with you to build a streamlined system. Our solution features easy electronic ordering, updated inventory management, and variable quantity or bulk order fulfillment.

Features include:

  • Easy electronic ordering
  • Inventory management and alerts
  • Shipment tracking and reporting
  • Pick, pack and ship at card, sleeve or case level
  • Quality management software that provides verification prior to shipping
  • Shipping options to meet your budget
  • Individual card scanning and verification
  • Supports multiple card types, brands and programs

Options include:

  • Bulk fixed quantities (packs of 25, 50, 100, etc.)
  • Variable number of cards, from one on up
  • On-demand card production or in-stock inventory with shipping verification
  • End-to-end production, including printing, personalization, packaging and fulfillment with electronic verification
  • Number-specific or sequential card ordering, with inventory management
  • Security notifications for card order shipments to prevent the theft of activated cards

B2S Fulfillment

Are you struggling to keep your retail locations stocked with gift, reward or merchandise return cards? Keeping up with card replenishment can be challenging since it requires persistent monitoring, inventory management and sufficient logistics planning. CPS Cards can provide you with the tools to easily manage the fulfillment of your Business-to-Store card program in less time.

Through a secure branded website, your stores can order cards directly, at their convenience. Your B2S website can be configured to meet your card program requirements, regardless of complexity, number of stores, brands or card types. Now you can put the onus of card replenishment on your store managers, while having the ability to monitor your complete program.

Features include:

  • Transforms complex card replenishment programs into a simple online ordering system
  • Admin dashboard that provides program monitoring and permissions management
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Inventory management and email alerts
  • Automated billing
  • Ability to set card thresholds by store
  • Cards ship directly to stores
  • Supports multiple card types, brands and programs

B2C Fulfillment

When you need an all-in-one solution for your consumer gift card program, CPS Cards can design a solution that makes the process easy for both you and your customers. Our Business-to-Consumer gift card program provides your customers with an easy-to-order interface that offers personalization and shipping options, while providing you with tracking and inventory management.

Features include:

  • 1-to-1 or 1-to-many fulfillment
  • Daily order processing
  • Card and carrier personalization
  • Rush order processing options
  • Inventory management of pre-personalized cards or personalize on-demand
  • Multiple options including form and mailing customization for designing your program

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