Card Printing


CPS Cards is the leader in integrated card printing.CPS Cards specializes in managing a wide variety of card printing solutions. Regardless of the order size or card type, we ensure that your print job meets your exact specifications, timeframe and budget.

Clients large and small trust CPS with their card printing needs. With more than 25 years of experience delivering card printing projects, we can successfully complete any job – digitally printed cards, laminated PVC cards, UV coated cards, Teslin cards, paper cards or any other card program products you may need.

Most importantly, we offer seamless integration between printing and the rest of the card production process. That allows clients to utilize a single vendor from consultation to final delivery – shaving weeks off the production timeline, eliminating “errors in translation,” significantly reducing costs and producing a consistent, high-quality finished product.

CPS Card Printing Services

CPS offers clients a wide variety of card printing techniques. No matter your industry or needs, we can help you create custom cards that impress and engage.

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Laminated PVC Cards

Laminated PVC cards are highly durable, and long lasting. Although they can be from 15mil thickness and up, they are usually ordered as thick as a standard credit card. Laminated PVC cards can include a flush magnetic strip. This makes them ideal for use with magnetic card readers.

UV Coated Cards

Available in a variety of thicknesses, UV coated cards are often used for direct mail and advertising. They are suitable for inkjet printing or embossing, and provide a cost-effective alternative to laminated cards.

Paper Cards

An affordable option for coupons and other retail needs, paper cards are available in a variety of materials with different coatings. Recycled materials are available.

Surface Printed Cards

Surface printed cards provide an inexpensive alternative to laminated cards, with quicker turnaround times. They can be thermal-printed, and have magnetic stripes pre-adhered.

Digitally Printed Cards

Digitally printing cards allows for virtually infinite variability of versions, images, and messaging based on your data. Customizing cards to the individual recipient improves response rates, promotes specific actions, and improves the user’s experience.   Cards are protected with two-sided over laminate.

Teslin Cards

Teslin is a versatile, synthetic paper that works with nearly any type of laser or offset printing. It is extremely durable, making it ideal for membership and loyalty card applications.

Card Carriers

Card carriers are used in retail for hanging gift cards, or in other applications as the letter to which mailed cards are match/attached. We provide custom products of all types and varieties, as well as standard paper products.


In addition to card printing, we also manage the printing of any size or type of envelope for card orders that require mail fulfillment or distribution.


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