7 Ways Embossed Cards Improve Your Direct Mail

by CPS Cards
Embossed cards improve direct mail

Direct mail has been an integral part of marketing for decades, with embossed cards being one of the most popular mediums. Embossed cards offer a unique and memorable way to make an impression on potential customers, reinforcing the message of the campaign and increasing response rates.

Here are 7 additional benefits of embossed cards with direct mail:

1. Attention-grabbing: Embossing adds a tactile dimension to the card that makes it more eye-catching and memorable.

2. Perceived value: Embossing can make the card feel more premium and valuable, which can increase the perceived value of the offer or message on the card.

3. Branding: Embossing can be used to add a logo, design, or other branding elements in a subtle but effective way.

4. Personalization: Embossing can be used to add the recipient’s personalized details to the card, which can increase the relevance and effectiveness of the message.

5. Impactful: Embossing can make the card more impactful, which can increase the chances of the recipient taking action, such as visiting a website or redeeming an offer.

6. Durability: Embossed cards often have a more durable feel, which increases the chances of being kept and reused.

7. Creates a sense of exclusivity: Embossing adds an element of luxury and exclusivity, making the card feel special.

Research has shown that embossing cards can increase response rates by as much as 25–50%, resulting in a significant lift in direct mail results. To learn more, contact CPS today!