A few words from our President

by admin

As we continue to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we asked our President, Jim Cooney to share some thoughts.  Jim opens up about his 20-year voyage with the company, sharing memorable moments, inspirational insights, and the guiding principles that fueled CPS’s success.

Memorable Moments: Innovation

Jim paints a vivid picture of CPS’s evolution, reminiscing about key moments that defined the company’s trajectory. “Starting up a plant from scratch in 2003 was a defining challenge. We ran gift card operations in a crunch, turning it profitable in a short time span,” Jim recounted. This kickstarted a series of wins, including the seamless integration of Gift Card attaching alongside personalization and the initiation of a pick pack and ship segment, establishing CPS as a pivotal third-party warehouse for Blackhawk Network.

The journey didn’t stop there. Jim shared the excitement of launching the Gift Card Mall into stores across the East Coast, a milestone that showcased CPS’s growing influence in the industry. Venturing into SIM card packaging for global cell phone giants followed, and the transition into a short-run Digital Print shop with Print on Demand (POD) capabilities marked a pivotal moment.

Amidst the milestones, Jim emphasized the profound significance of celebrating CPS’s 25th Anniversary with a company-wide picnic. “It’s about the people. They are the heartbeat of CPS,” he remarked, underscoring the genuine camaraderie that defines the company culture.

Inspiration and Vision: Building from Scratch

Jim’s decision to join CPS was rooted in a desire to build something from the ground up. “I wanted a chance to build something from scratch,” he shared. The opportunity to start a plant in Chicago amid a cluster of card printers in need of personalization and fulfillment services seemed like a logical next step in his career.

Guiding Principles: Embracing Growth Through Discomfort

Jim shared a valuable lesson from his career journey, echoing advice from a former president at CPS. “To grow, you have to do things outside your comfort zone,” he emphasized. Every new project or capability undertaken by CPS pushed the team beyond familiar territory, sparking innovation and transformative change.

Significant Milestones: From Printers to Digital Dominance

Discussing CPS’s most significant milestones, Jim highlighted the recent transition of the Allentown, PA plant into a Digital Print shop with Print on Demand services. “Becoming a Digital Print shop put us on the map as a printer,” he asserted. Beyond technological strides, Jim pointed to the unwavering resilience of CPS’s core employees as a cornerstone of success. Through ups and downs, having a solid core group that stayed with us is one of our greatest achievements. It’s the people that make CPS successful.”