Print on Demand Plastic Cards – A Smart Solution That Delivers!  PART 1

by Sean Huban

Looking to boost sales, enhance member communications, or optimize your marketing budget? Print on Demand (POD) plastic card package solutions should be on your radar.

By utilizing a CPS’ POD solution, your organization can have plastic cards printed and mailed as they are requested … in real-time.   The benefits and effectiveness of these custom solutions can’t be ignored. 

Why Print on Demand?

  • Rapid Turnaround

In most cases today, speed is of the essence. POD plastic cards and carriers are printed as they are requested.  This means you can have your cards in the mail within days, rather than waiting weeks or even months. This agility is especially valuable for time-sensitive projects or events where quick access to cards is essential.

  • Complete Customization

One of the most significant advantages of print-on-demand plastic cards is the ability to customize each card individually.   Personalized communications boast the highest response rates.  With the freedom to create unlimited designs, CPS can create variable messages and images for each single recipient.  Whether it’s personalizing membership cards with members’ names and photos, devising unique access cards for employees, or designing attention-grabbing gift cards for your customers, POD offers unparalleled customization options. It not only enhances member communications and boosts response rates but also strengthens brand identity and loyalty.

  • Zero Inventory

POD is a cost-effective solution that eliminates waste, provides flexibility in design, and saves on upfront inventory purchases.  Traditional printing methods often involve significant upfront costs, especially when ordering large quantities of cards. POD eliminates the need for costly bulk orders and minimizes waste. This not only reduces financial risk but also promotes sustainability by minimizing excess production and unused inventory.

  • Improved Compliance

CPS’ POD solution helps ensure compliance with your printed communications.  The lack of inventory enables near real-time changes to terms and conditions within 24-48 hours vs weeks with traditional printed materials.

  • Creative flexibility

Digitally printing cards allows for virtually infinite variability of versions, images, and messaging based on your data. Customizing cards to the individual recipient improves response rates, promotes specific actions, and improves the user’s experience.  

  • Enhanced Security Features

POD cards come equipped with various security features to safeguard customer and member information. CPS cards are crafted with laminate over the printed personal information, providing protection and increased durability. Variable data encoding and magnetic stripes can be added to fortify sensitive information further and ensure card integrity.

CPS has an onboarding team of experts in graphics arts, data formats, and print/mail production.  CPS makes POD easy to implement.  Combined with our other personalization and fulfillment services, POD options are a powerful answer to your marketing challenges. For further details, please email us at or utilize our contact sheet click here.

PART 2 of this topic will include creative POD solutions that our customers use today!