Elevating Member Engagement: The Power of Health Plan Welcome Kits, (Pt. 2)

by Sean Huban

In part 2, we explore additional ways that Welcome Kits improve your member experience.

Encouraging Active Participation:                                                                                       Welcome kits can encourage members to take an active role in managing their health by promoting various health and wellness initiatives. Include information about fitness programs, healthy lifestyle resources, digital tools, or mobile apps that can support their wellness journey. By highlighting the available options and benefits, you motivate members to engage and adopt healthier behaviors, leading to improved health outcomes and increased member satisfaction.

Providing Educational Material:      Education is crucial. Welcome kits present can deliver educational materials that empower members to make informed decisions about their health. Include brochures, booklets, or links to online resources that cover topics like understanding health insurance terms, managing chronic conditions, or navigating the healthcare system effectively. By equipping members with knowledge, you enable them to navigate their healthcare journey confidently.

Interactive Elements and Calls-to-Action:                                                                          Welcome kits should be interactive and encourage members to take action. Incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, surveys, or self-assessment tools that can help members assess their health risks or determine appropriate care options. Clear calls-to-action throughout the kit should include: logging into the Customer Portal, scheduling a wellness exam, updating personal information, or exploring online resources.  This will motivate members to engage further with your health plan and take advantage of the available services.

“Welcome kits are an integral part of our member engagement strategy. Through visually appealing and interactive materials, we ensure that our new members feel welcomed, informed, and motivated to actively participate in their healthcare journey. These kits serve as a gateway…” – CPS Health Plan Customer

In summary, welcome kits boost member engagement through a positive experience. By creating a memorable first impression, personalizing recommendations, encouraging participation, and delivering education, health plans enhance onboarding and engagement. These kits build trust, strengthen relationships, and improve health outcomes. Investing in welcome kits has a lasting impact on member satisfaction and engagement.

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