Tips for Selling Gift Cards Through Third-Party Distributors

by Marisa Cogan

Gift card season will be upon us shortly and you are tasked, once again, with increasing sales.  You have a solid merchandising plan for your in-store cards and have seen an uptick in your B2B activity, but what about the gift cards that you sell through third-party programs?  With so many gift card choices in one place, how do you get consumers to purchase YOUR gift card over your competitors?

Offer more choices.

Offer multiple card denominations or a multi-denomination card. Most consumers have a specific price point that they want to spend when they walk into the store and if your card is not available in that amount, it may get passed up. Some distributors restrict multi-denomination cards, so check with your specific aggregator for rules.

gift_card_mall2Make your card design stand out.

Unique card design and/or color can help make your gift card visually “pop” off the rack.  The largest print area of your gift card package is normally the carrier, so make use of color to set it apart. By using non-traditional colors or colors other than or your competitors’ colors, you can catch the eye of consumers shopping the gift card mall.  A unique card design or print technique, such as flocked cards, foil stamping or clear cards, can compel a shopper to choose your card. In today’s world, everyone wants something different and unique – and this even extends to gift cards.

Negotiate Premium Space

Each third-party aggregator has their own unique process for designing their planogram in the distributor’s location.  Depending on which third-party aggregator that you work with, it can be difficult to obtain a premium location on the rack.  However, you don’t know unless you ask – and negotiate, because everything has a price. Getting your card as close to eye-level on the rack as possible is great positioning, as most people look directly ahead first, before looking up and/or stooping down. You can also consider investing in a marketing placement campaign where your card is promoted and can provide better visibility and (hopefully) more purchases.



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