Re-Branding a Loyalty Program in Six Weeks

When one of the country’s largest travel centers underwent a rebranding following an acquisition, the nationwide chain needed a rapid overhaul of its loyalty card program.

The newly merged company required a smartly designed card solution catering to three distinct demographics: professional truck drivers, RV travelers and general consumers. The new cards needed to:
Gas pump case study

  • Be consistent with company’s revised brand
  • Be durable enough to withstand frequent use and exposure to fuel
  • Include a magnetic stripe and punch-out keytag, for use on keychains

Delivery time for the entire loyalty card solution? An extremely tight six weeks.

The CPS Cards Solution

The travel center chain contacted CPS Cards for assistance. A recognized leader in the field with more than 16 years of experience helping clients successfully complete challenging card projects, CPS began the process by examining the company’s requirements, and offering the following recommendations:

  • Produce a combo card with one full-size card and two smaller keytag cards beneath it.
  • Utilize rigid PVC materials capable of withstanding constant use at fuel pumps
  • Encode each card, and include printed barcodes
  • Integrate with their online ordering system

With eyes on affordability and turnaround time, CPS Cards worked with the travel center’s team to determine the exact size, shape and design of the new loyalty cards. This involved site visits, sampling, and constant communication to ensure both teams were working efficiently toward a common goal.

The Results

CPS Cards successfully launched the travel center chain’s new loyalty card campaign on time and on budget, while handling all distribution and shipping logistics. In addition, CPS provided consulting services, recommending the optimal volume of cards needed at each of the company’s 800-plus locations. To date, more than six million cards have been issued nationwide, with more being produced on a regular basis. CPS continues to provide a direct-tostore fulfillment program that replenishes cards for the company’s busy travel centers.


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