Loyalty Solutions: PVC vs. Teslin

by Marisa Cogan

If you are a marketer responsible for your company’s loyalty program, there’s a good chance that you are already familiar with Teslin® and PVC – the predominate choices for materials used in the production of loyalty cards and keytags.  Teslin, which was created by PPG Industries in the mid-1980s, is a synthetic, waterproof paper that is protected by a thick laminate that makes it a good choice for repeated use. PVC, which is best known for its use in the construction industry, is a durable plastic that resists corrosion and degradation and works well for those seeking a long-term card solution. Amongst us industry-types, there has long been a debate over which of these substrates is the best solution for retailers. Loyalty cards and keytags can be produced from either material, but in the end, your choice is contingent on personal preference, budget and card usage. Both of these products are suitable solutions and each offers its own unique benefits. Below is a comparison of each product to help you make an informed decision the next time you need to purchase loyalty cards.


Teslin v PVC_general600

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