Laminated vs. UV Coated – Which is right for your card program?

by Marisa Cogan

If you are new to the card world – gift, loyalty, membership, etc. – you are probably finding that there is a lot to know about these simple plastic (or paper) cards.  And a lot of choices too! Most card newbies either “do what the last person did” or  try to forge a new path and develop a better solution for their particular card program.  If you are sailing new waters, then you’ll have lots of decisions to make like – Which substrate should I choose? What type of personalization (mag stripe, embossing, etc.) will I need?  What card type is best for my budget?  To address the question “laminated vs. UV coated” – we have put together the follow graph to help you determine which is the best fit for your program.



Click for larger image

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