Is Your Healthcare Card Vendor HIPAA-Compliant?

by Marisa Cogan

If you’re in the healthcare industry, HIPAA has been a part of your life for several years. You are probably pretty savvy when it comes to knowing your HIPAA laws and your organization is on top of making sure your patients’ information is protected. But are all of your vendors HIPAA-compliant as well?

In the card world, a very small percentage of card companies can actually say that they are HIPAA-compliant. If your marketing initiatives include direct mail, or if you need a vendor to produce health insurance cards, it is imperative that your vendor is HIPAA-compliant or you could face serious fines for violations.

CPS Cards has taken steps to safeguard electronic protected health information (PHI) as outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

In 2014, CPS Cards hired an external agency to conduct a full audit of our processes, security infrastructure and documentation to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, the HHS Omnibus Rule and the requirements of the HITECH Act. We have made a substantial investment in technology and security initiatives required to fully protect your customer’s privacy. This measure allows us to confidently provide card products to the healthcare and insurance industries without the concern of unauthorized access.

Our commitment to HIPAA compliancy begins at our front door. Security and access control initiatives ensure that only authorized personnel can enter our production areas, furthermore, we additionally limit access to only those associates involved with your project, keeping your customer’s data secure and protected. Within our production facilities, physical access to data is restricted, ensuring that no information can be viewed, copied or photographed. Beyond our physical walls, we implement encryption safeguards to protect the transfer of data from your firewall to ours. And once in our facility, your information is protected by our HIPAA-friendly technology infrastructure.

We are committed to maintaining HIPAA compliance and will continue to invest in the latest technologies and procedures necessary to provide you with peace of mind.



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