CPS Cards’ Tom Knaus to Exit Company

Company President to Vacate Role in July

CPS Cards announced today that Tom Knaus, President, will be leaving the company effective July 8, 2016.  His responsibilities will be assumed by the company’s existing senior management team.

Under Knaus’ leadership, the company experienced exceptional growth in the retail, healthcare and direct mail markets, earning it a place on the Lehigh Valley’s Fastest Growing Companies list in 2014 and 2015.  Knaus was instrumental in developing a secondary facility in the Chicago area during his early years with the company, and since then, has guided the addition of multiple production capabilities and helped to expand product lines into several new markets.

“Leading and growing a small company has been an amazing journey,” said Knaus. “The challenge is assembling a team of professionals that can both lead and teach. By definition, a small company that grows fast needs to educate new personnel quickly and well. We’ve been blessed with a strong leadership team that can do both. This will be a key to the future as the company continues its growth spiral.“

Jim Cooney, Senior Vice President; Ethan Stehman, Vice President; and Rob Schasteen, Vice President of Sales, will utilize their combined 60 years of experience in the card industry to continue to lead the company.