CPS Cards Launches ConceaLabel™ to Help Retailers Combat Gift Card Fraud

Leading-edge label solution helps merchants grow gift card revenue despite recent rise in fraud

CPS Cards, a leading provider of integrated card solutions, announces the launch of ConceaLabel™, a patent-pending suite of label solutions designed to prevent gift card fraud.

“We are excited to bring this product to market for our retail customers who are in need of a more effective fraud prevention solution today,” said Jim Cooney, president of CPS Cards.  “Gift card fraud has been on the rise in recent years, so we developed ConceaLabel to better ensure both retailers and consumers that gift cards are safe from tampering. ConceaLabel is a cost effective solution that will make thieves think twice before trying to steal gift card data.”

Using dual-ply label technology, ConceaLabel masks sensitive gift card data during production, storage and in-store display. A visible top-ply label is imaged with the card’s activation code, while the redemption code is hidden on a second label underneath. This double label system, exclusively from CPS Cards, employs visual indicators that immediately alert both consumers and associates of any card tampering prior to purchase.

ConceaLabel is available in multiple configurations aimed to meet merchants’ security and budgetary requirements. The labels’ adhesive strength, color treatment and method of release vary for each product in the line, which allows merchants to select the best solution for their gift card program. ConceaLabel also helps to provide consumers with a positive gifting experience and instills confidence in retail brands, which can lead to increased revenue from gift card programs.

To learn more about ConceaLabel, visit the CPS Cards website at www.cpscards.com/concealabel or email CPS at sales@cpscards.com.