CPS Cards’ 2016 Top 10 Blog Posts

by Marisa Cogan


As we begin a fresh new year, we thought it might be interesting to see which of our blog posts were of most interest to you, our readers, in 2016. Since we provide cards for many different applications, we always try to spread the love and cover topics that will help each of these markets. Here are our top 10 posts:

#10.  5 Tools That Can Make Your Gift Card Fulfillment Program More Efficient

Gift card managers are challenged with keeping their stores well stocked with cards.  This article uncovers five tools that can help make the fulfillment of gift cards easier.

#9.  Gift Cards: Paper or Plastic? 

With merchants like Whole Foods shifting to environmentally-friendly cards in recent years, we take a look at the differences between paper and plastic gift cards to help you decide which is the right option for your program.

#8.  Direct Mail: Getting That Envelope Opened

Many articles about direct mail suggest that your direct mail campaign’s success relies on the quality of your list.  However, even if your list is spot-on – how do you know the recipient will open the envelope? Here, we provide tips for getting the envelope opened (to ensure a successful campaign.)

#7.  9 Ways to Merchandise In-Store Gift Cards

Are you maximizing your efforts to promote gift card sales in your stores?  Here are nine ways to help boost visibility of your in-store cards.

#6.  B2B Gift Card Programs: The Benefits for Merchants

It is estimated that 25 – 50% of a merchant’s gift card revenue is driven by B2B programs.  Here, we dive into additional benefits for merchants that invest in this sales channel.

#5.  Loyalty Solutions: PVC vs. Teslin

Some merchants, particularly grocery stores, struggle with choosing between plastic or Teslin for their loyalty cards. Here, we provide a comparison chart to help you decide which is best for your loyalty program.

#4.  How a Membership Card Can Help You Retain Members

Thinking about migrating to a digital membership card? While some associations have made this transition to “save money”, you may want to re-think that option after you read this article.

#3.  3 Takeaways from a Successful Loyalty Program Launch

A few years ago Walgreens launched their Balance Rewards loyalty program, which was a huge success, racking up 100 million members in a short timeframe.  Here’s how they planned and launched the program in under a year.

#2.  What to Consider When Selecting Vendors for Your Gift or Loyalty Card Program

A quick list of questions to ask a prospective gift or loyalty card vendor before hiring one.

#1. 8 Ways to Increase Association Membership

This article continues to hold the top spot for the past few years.  Associations are challenged with not only maintaining membership numbers, but growing them as well.  This article provides some tried and true tips for adding new members.


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