Gift Card Fraud Prevention


At CPS Cards, we understand that gift card fraud is a growing concern among merchants. It affects your gift card program, your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.  That’s why we developed ConceaLabel™, a first-of-its-kind security label solution. ConceaLabel not only helps consumers and associates quickly detect fraud, but it also helps to deter criminals from even thinking about stealing your gift card data in the first place.

ConceaLabel uses dual-ply label technology that allows associates to easily activate gift cards without exposing redemption code data. Our product line includes security features that impede the copying of gift card numbers, blocks access to sensitive data and immediately displays any signs of tampering.  These options allow merchants to select the best solution that meets their security and budgetary


ConceaLabel is a viable solution if you want to:

  • Minimize the current level of fraud associated with your program
  • Increase gift card sales revenue
  • Instill or renew confidence in your brand
  • Deliver a positive customer gifting experience
  • Stand out among competitors in third-party displays
  • Protect your gift card data throughout production, storage and display
  • Dissuade thieves from stealing your gift card data

To learn more about ConceaLabel, call us at 1.888.817.8121 or email us.