Appealing to the Senses: Why Direct Mail is Memorable

by admin

Digital marketing experts claim that we are exposed to between 3,000 to 10,000 ads per day.  How many of those do you even remember?  Probably very few.  Most people don’t remember digital messages very well at all because they tend to multi-task (read emails, post on social media) while being exposed to them.  So, as a marketer, how do you get people to notice (and remember) your product or service in a saturated marketplace full of digital messages?  You opt for direct mail.


The Benefits of the Printed Piece.

We already know that direct mail is going through sort of a renaissance. Not only does it stand out among the thousands of digital messages consumers encounter daily, but it is also well received, especially among millennials. There have been numerous studies that show that people who read text on a physical substrate understand the content better and remember it longer than the same text on a computer screen.  Why?  Because more senses are involved.  A digital message only engages sight and auditory senses, whereas a physical piece engages sight, smell and touch.  So when you use direct mail in your marketing efforts there is a better likelihood that your message will be remembered longer.  Add a plastic card to your piece and not only will you help to improve lift, but you’ll be providing them with something that they can remove and reference at a later time – – again, helping them to remember your brand.

The tactile feel, and even smell, of direct mail can trigger emotions as well. A high quality printed piece (think thickness of the paper or card) communicates that your piece is reliable and, therefore, your company is reliable as well. By tapping into more senses, you are creating an experience with your brand, one that could ultimately lead to loyalty down the road.

So, while digital marketing may be the go-to choice for many marketers, direct mail can help deliver an experience that digital can’t “touch.”

Direct Mail Appeals to the Senses



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