Video Gift Cards


Add a digital experience to physical gift cards.

Video Gift Cards (VGCs) from CPS Cards, allow gift card purchasers to record a personal video greeting that is delivered along with the card.  Here’s how it works:

Upon purchasing the gift card, the sender goes to a branded website to activate the VGC feature.  There, they are asked to enter their email address to proceed. Using a unique 6-digit code (typically the last 6 digits of the gift card code), the sender then records their video greeting.  The physical gift card is then delivered to the recipient.

The recipient, following the directions on the card carrier, proceeds to the landing page to view their personal greeting.  Once viewed, the recipient has the option to either respond with a “thank you” video or text.  Again, they are asked to enter their  email to activate this

The Benefits for Merchants

Elevate Your Brand:  Video Gift Cards can set your brand apart and help you outsell your competition in crowded third-party displays.  This unique feature is fun and new to the US market, and can differentiate your brand by offering a way to personalize the gift card-giving experience.

Offer a Unique Customer Experience:  Gift cards sometime get a bad rap for not being personal enough. VGCs change that by allowing the purchaser to use their own voice, words and image to communicate their message, making this a truly unique, memorable and personal experience.

Collect Marketing Data:  VGCs present the opportunity to capture data from both the gift card purchaser and recipient during the process, which can help with future marketing efforts.