Direct Mail: How to Amplify Your Marketing Message

by admin



Plastic cards have been used in direct mail for years and they are continued to be utilized for a variety of reasons. Some companies use them to help solicit new business and drive revenue, while others simply provide cards as a form of identification for new members and patrons. Whatever the use, cards are always a great way to get your mail communications opened, as there is a perceived value associated with the feel of a card in an envelope. Nobody wants to risk throwing away an important business correspondence, after all.
While cards do help to get the envelope opened, they also consume some of the precious marketing space on a traditional 8.5” x 11” letter carrier. So, instead of risking your mail not being opened, why not simply double the carrier space – and your marketing real estate! An 11 x 17 letter carrier will provide all the room you need to promote your offer AND house your cards.